“…Does a man lose his pride by telling a girl that his heart grows fond of her, that he sleeps her, eats her and thinks her?”

Probably not.

Those were the words of a man falling desperately in love. BT as we will call him here, has been fortunate to meet and fall for a girl he sees as one in a million, beautiful in and out. She is everything he ever wanted in a woman and much more. She brings out the best in him, challenging him to be a better person. Oh yes, there is a catch along the line, she is already taken and that’s definitely not so fortunate for him. He’s trying hard to resist her and her charms, but finds himself getting addicted, falling harder and harder for this Dame we will refer to as BN, thus his outburst earlier. What started out as a casual friendship (since BN told him ab initio that she belongs to another), is gradually metamorphosing into a deeper relationship. Such a relationship should naturally result into something lasting and concrete, yet from all indications; there won’t be that happily ever after ending. However, everything is possible right? BT is stuck in a dilemma and the way out seems to elude him so far, because he just cannot bring himself to leave her, there might be a chance for him in future, who knows?


You might be wondering about the dame that has captured our friend’s heart. BN is also between the devil and the deep blue sea. Here she is, in a serious relationship obviously leading to marriage with a guy she loves but who stays a thousand miles away. The heart of man, who knows it? She is scared, like once bitten, always shy till proven otherwise. The guy might have a different agenda from what both of them agreed on. Besides, this long distance relationships, who knows what goes on where he is. Strong as he may seem, you can never undermine the power of a determined female, especially on a starving man. What with all these daredevil girls everywhere. At the back of her mind therefore is the hope that there might be a chance for her and BT. He is a man you can trust your life with, comfortably. He makes loving become very easy due to his open hearted and loving nature. However, unlike her fiancé, BT is still an applicant still hustling to make ends meet.

Countless times, she had asked herself if she is not playing with fire, if she’s not backing the wrong horse? Should she stay where she is or go with BN’s love so freely and whole-hardheartedly given? Call her selfish, but she will rather take one day at a time, enjoying what life so magnanimously placed in her path than make a mistake she will come to regret.

So where does that leave BN? That is the question always on his mind. It always brings squabbles between them. He sees himself as a patient tiger, watching and praying. Who knows how long that waiting will last and whether it will favour him for him. None of them has the answer to the way forward and none wants to let go. They therefore hold on to each other and to the relationship, believing that love will lead the way. Meanwhile, our distant guy is not aware that he has such a powerful rival.

Now, what’s your take on this friends? Do you think this couple is making the right choice? Is BT right in hanging on to a love that might grow awry, ‘watching and praying’? Is BN right in greedily holding two men to ransome? Is there a possibility of happily ever after in this kind of relationship? Your thoughts my friends…