It is with deep sorrow and a heavy heart that I write you this missive as the only option avaiable to me since you are either too cowardly to show your face or too wise to open your face.

BH, why I pray thee, do you butcher innocent friends, relatives, and foes? I’m probably too daft to understand your rampage on the defenceless civilians which I refer to as senseless massacre (till such a time as you prove me wrong). You initially said that your headache was western education, which according to you is a taboo and I remember asking you then via another platform, whether it is by cutting off the head that this headache will be cured. I still haven’t heard from you on that. But, I think all that has changed, has it not? Yet, you remain mute rather than tell I and the rest of the world what is really bugging you so that maybe then, we can look together for a solution.

Speculations are rife that the war is against the present government, no one but you dear BH has the answers to that. I wonder why you will not come out openly to concur or disagree on that. You enshroud yourself in mystery and secrecy, like a masquarade, while pursuing your predators. I told you that i will not make you seem more important than you are by harping on you and your activities.

But dear BH, I can no longer bear the bloodshed and calumny against my friends, my relatives, my children and my country men and women. I’m so mad at your dangerous games that I wish you’d just damn all consequences and come out to bare your grievances. I need to hear from you that it is the helpless bread hawker at the Nyanya park, the innocent school girls at Chibok, the pastor/Imam in Yola, the pregnant woman and her baby at Madalla or the diplomats at the UN building that annoyed you. I need you to tell me dear BH, that by shedding the blood of innocent fellow Nigerians, your objectives will be known, understood and resolved quickly. Is it the quantity or quality of the blood spilled that will abate your fury? Maybe when no one is remaining here (God forbid) that your thirst and anger will be quenched.

I’m most baffled by your targets oh BH! Why not go butcher and massacre whoever it is that you hold these grudges against? To me, that would make much sense than bombing your fellow comerades and partners, after all, we are all parners in the fight against poverty and bad governance. We are all victims of bad governance and corruption.

Do kindly have a rethink, especially as the government and its allies who should find a solution to your menace is too busy with more important issues like the 2015 election campaigns, to bother with you. If they are waiting till there’s no one left to govern before they act, will you oblige them by killing everybody off? Please do have a rethink, won’t you?

Lest I forget, a word for your sponsors. Kindly tell them that I said that he who lives in a glass house should not throw stones, neither should you throw stones at the market place.