I have, literally had my heart in my mouth I meant, this evening at that.
I swaggered out of the comfort of the office at the close of work, only to be greeted by the stern sky threatening to open up at any second. My swag turned to race as I realised I had minutes before the heavens open up. I however prophesied to the rain for my Bible said that I only have to decree a thing and it shall come to pass. I told my colleague as we walked briskly to the bus stop that the rain shall not meet me, that if it is falling in front, I shall be at the back, if at the back, I shall be in front.
As God will have it, immediately the cab I boarded sped away, the rains came down in torrents. I blessed the great man above. But my happiness was cut short as we realised the car’s wiper was as good as dead and the rain was no child’s play. The driver asked for it when he insisted that it matters not. The passengers rained abuses on him and he honestly couldn’t care less but stubbornly drove on.

I have never been so scared in my entire life. Cars that were in order were parking by the road shoulders due to the blinding rain, our rickety car trudged on, even speeding in the heavy rain without wiper! Everybody in the car but the driver started issueing orders and advice as to how he should drive and all that. But the adamant driver apart from slowing down a bit, paid nobody no heed, which was for the best actually.
From where I sat in the front seat, I sincerely couldn’t see any thing apart from blurred lights from headlamps, so I couldn’t understand how that guy was able to drive on the road and not in the ditches. At a point, I decided to just be watching other vehicles through the side window so that I won’t loose my heart altogether. I also couldn’t concentrate on that. But according to the driver, fear is a torment and shouldn’t be allowed to grow.
The journey of about forty five minutes took us double the time. However, that is neither here nor there. What matters to me most is that I got home safe, sound and dry. My declations worked but not without the danger of my heart jumping out of my mouth and out into the rain drenched streets. I still testifyto the goodness of God for the alternative to my rendevous would have been to get soaked to my skin and getting home only God knows when!