Careful what you wolf down or risk looking like a granny at 35

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Aging is a natural process and no one can escape it. We start to age the minute we are born into this world. No one gets younger, we all get older as the clock ticks. But its worrisome when people age so fast! I mean faster than they should… You see a woman of 45 looking 65 and older women call her Mama. You see a girl of 21 looking 35 and a man of 21 looking 30. Everyone would love to age gracefully… Yes! Its a lot better to get fresher and more beautiful as one ages.
I know that some people are naturally blessed. They are ageless because they age so slowly that you always think them way younger than they are. But when you are not naturally ageless, you should help yourself by avoiding somethings that make you age faster than you really are.
There are various…

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