Now, what, my people are your take on the above headline as reported in Thisday newspaper of 27 March 2014? That a police officer attached to the Special Task Force (STF) on Jos crisis is being accused of raping a minor! Can you honestly imagine that scenario, a full grown man, police officer at that, lures a little girl as young as four, four! For crying aloud, to a tent, an uncompleted building, a bush, or some such place and forcefully has sexual intercourse with her? Can you imagine someone subjecting your four-year-old daughter, niece, sister, neighbor, to such barbaric act? I shudder to think of it, to think of the pain the little one will be experiencing and the pervert gagging her one way or the other, aaarrrggghhhhh! I simply cannot imagine it nor claim to understand such action. A little girl, who probably has not learnt to speak properly, still so innocent, so trusting, so adorable and happy, chattering away at everything and nothing. Then some pervert walks up to her, plays with her and tells her to come with him to this place to take biscuits or see her mum or whatever it is they say to persuade them to follow them. Gosh! Is such a man sane?

Our children, our pride and joy

ur children, our pride and joy

Please people help me understand it. Why would a full-grown man, a police officer in this case, force himself on an innocent child? Why would he want to do that, for lack of matured and willing women (whom statistics show to even outnumber men), or that it is more pleasurable with babies, or he derives some pervert joy in torturing and inflicting pain and damage (physical and psychological) on one so tender? Can anyone explain this desire to hurt kids to me because it baffles me? When they rape girls and women who are of age, they attribute it to the women’s indecent dressing, fine! To what do we attribute this barbarism to kids, immodest dressing too?

You’d think that the laws and its enforcement agents will quickly swing into action to see justice carried out in rape cases, especially when minors are involved, well, think again. Is it not one of them, (which is one out of many o, reported and unreported), that is the culprit in this case? It takes too long to get justice in sexual molestation cases – if at all, due to bureaucracy, stringent laws that demands evidence and witnesses, and of course, the lackadaisical attitude of some of these officers of the law. Owing to this, many of these cases go unreported and the culprits continue to perpetuate evil in the society.

Therefore, I am of the opinion that the best way to take better care of our kids and protect them against these molesters is to teach and warn our kids and loved ones in strong terms since we cannot be with them 24/7. The onus lies on us their elders to protect our dear ones. Without going into details, we can warn them against ‘unfriendly friends’, uncles and neighbours, because more often than not, it is the people that we trust that take advantage of our trust and dishonor the little ones. Teach them to beware of suspicious actions and attitudes from any male, no matter who they are. Most of all, let us be mindful of these precious ones, their whereabouts, who they relate with, what they do and all that, because there is only that much that they can do for themselves. As that popular advertisement echoes, ‘if we don’t take care of them, who will?
Be wise, be loving, be careful, trust less.