This life is beautiful, don’t you agree? The perfect beauty of the flowers, birds, humans and animals, each existing in perfect harmony as ordained by the Perfect creator. Through our trials, pains, gains, joys, we always triumph and come out tops, what is more beautiful? This is topped up with friends, family who love and annoy us in equal d

ose. Moreover, we have our Awesome God, who loves us unreservedly despite all our shortcomings. What more reason do we have to be glad and rejoice? Except of course, you choose to look at these in a negative light, which is truly up to you. We must realize there is ALWAYS something beautiful in a person, something positive about every situation. For instance, as a guy, you can choose to see the beauty and charm in a girl’s character, in her figure, her poise, despite the ‘ugly’ face. (I do not really believe anyone is ugly, even her…).



 Or you dwell on the imperfections and keep deriding God in His perfect creature.

We hope to help each other on this blog, to try our best to pursue and capture happiness in all its ramifications, then go on to retain, share and maintain it. Everything positive that catalyzes the joy in our lives, be it success, spouse, God, we are for it, bearing in mind that happiness is intrinsic, we are responsible for our own happiness. It doesn’t necessarily have to depend on your money, friends, husband, or possessions. Happiness is that joy that is ever constant, that remains, even when all the above variables are not there. If, as we realize this, we are able to fashion our lives against this backdrop, happiness will become second nature to us.

When that man or woman you desire is not there, when that bank account is turning red, when that job, that contract, that child, isn’t forth coming, you remain happy. That is the essence of being in charge of your happiness. You can be happy in these situations of lack because your happiness is determined by you and not other people and things which are perishable and not to be trusted. Mind you, it is not an easy feat to achieve, but with God and enough determination, we can achieve it.

For me, I have happiness boosters that help pull me up when sadness and depression want to take over. High on my booster list is music, it not only has a calming effect, but also uplifts. Then, taking a walk, reading (Bible, novels, good inspirational books), hanging out with friends or any other favorite past time can do it for me, albeit you.

However, whatever you do, NEVER stay on your own with just your problems and woes as companion, mulling and analyzing what happened, tying them to past events and issues, and then taking it even to the future. That will only make you sadder and depressed.

We will also endeavor to spice up our lives from time to time with entertainment news, lifestyles, health tips, hottest jams and every fun thing in between.

So join me on this cruise sheep as we embark on the journey of our lives – in pursuit of happiness. This forum is open to all of us. If you have something worth sharing, please bring it on so that we can help each other get to our individual and collective promised lands. It is my earnest desire, that on this platform, fruitful and lasting relationships will be established among us.

Welcome on board ladies and gentlemen. Truly glad to have you here, let’s spice up our lives. LEGO!