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Why You Should Focus Your Digital Marketing on Content Marketing

Of the 4.388 billion internet users with 57% penetration globally, 98.3 million with 50% penetration are in Nigeria according to Hootsuite 2019 report. To neglect this huge market population will be folly; to misuse the opportunity would be foolhardy.

Content marketing can take various shapes, including podcasts, infographics, articles, blog posts and videos. You can twist them, mix them whichever way pleases you to bring the best results.

Why you should focus on content marketing.

Here are some basic reasons you should use content marketing for your digital marketing –

The market has moved and your customers are just clicks away

This is an obvious fact that most of us know. More and more people are using the internet for various reasons – for information, learning, communicating and of course, shopping. You can tap into that. With your contents, you can provide solutions to the myriads of issues that people seek solution to.

You could create blog contents to inform or entertain your visitors without directly focusing on marketing your brand. For instance if your brand is about snake antidote and rearing, you can teach your visitors how to identify poisonous snakes from the non-poisonous ones or how to protect themselves when they are in danger of being attacked by a snake. That way, you provide solution while creating more awareness for your brand.

Relevant contents will keep them coming back

It is no longer enough to provide one-off information. To become relevant and stay relevant, you must make creation of relevant contents a way of life, be consistent. Internet users will come to understand that you are a trusted force to be reckoned with in that field.

They will keep coming back for more knowledge or whatever relevant content you provide. Having used your tips and seen that they are effective, they will come to hold your brand in high esteem. That way you build a steady followership that rely on you to satisfy their needs. This ensures a long time benefit.

Enhancing customer relationship and engagement

Being a reliable source for your customers will definitely foster their relationship with you. This is especially true when you are readily available to answer questions or provide more information. Customers are not afraid to engage with your brand when they are satisfied with your brand, when your contents speak to them.

Content marketing allows the marketer to give to the prospects. This is a positive deviation from the ‘take-take syndrome’ associated with marketing and advertising. It shows the prospects that they are valued, that their needs matter. That way, even when you intersperse the content with selling of your product or service, they are not offended. You are able to cultivate a deeper relationship with your clients.

You can surmount the obstacle of Ad blockers

Advertisements – whether popups, flashes or auto-videos – can be intrusive and annoying to the internet users. The problem has grown to gigantic proportions that Google has joined in creating its own ad blocker. More and more internet users are seeking ways to block the annoying ads from popping up while they surf the sites.

Content marketing is an easy way to market your brand while also surmounting the obstacle of ad blocking. Content marketing is a form of marketing in itself and effective too. With or without the alternative forms of advertisements, you still have the chance to put your brand out there for the world to see.

Unfortunately, out of that gigantic population using the internet, there are enormous sources of information, entertainment, advertisement and all forms of contents. All these elements are clamoring for the internet users’ attention and time.

How do you break into that market and create your niche? How will your business get noticed in the first place before we get to your brand making it to the top of the ladder? Obviously, the competition is stiff and the higher you go, the hotter it becomes, how do you beat the completion to become the completion?

Content Marketing is the Way

Content is Bae

‘Over 51% of smartphone users have discovered a new company or product while conducting a search on their smartphone’. (Google, 2018) (Source:

My friend is a lawyer, business coach and producer of children’s food. She went about advertising her products and services with gusto on the social media. Most of her friends and followers saw and liked her posts. It took her a long, hard climb to garner enough clients and sales to keep afloat.

Then she began to divulge more details. She began to provide information about how she began her journey into food processing and packaging, details about the food contents, how to handle children’s feeding habits and processes. She began to talk about how to transform businesses and how she spoke at events to achieve so and so.

Within months of engaging in this process, she began to select the events she spoke at, she became swamped by orders for her products from all over the country. She did not relent though; she got more fired up and produced more quality and relevant contents.

It might feel like a miracle to an untrained eye, but it is the power of content marketing in action. According to the Content Marketing Institute survey, 91% of B2B marketers use content marketing to get access to more customers. This is a pointer to the efficacy of content marketing for businesses.

Content marketing requires ingenuity in content marketing strategy, content creation, SEO among other intricacies. It is imperative that you hire experts to optimize your content successfully.

Content is king. Content is Bae. Content is the success of modern business.

Hire us today to transform your business via content marketing. Hopefully we can get you and your clients beaming with smiles.

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Domestic Violence Victims, Why Stay On?

I have had numerous discussions with various women concerning domestic violence. Despite the different views held by these people I discussed with, one factor remains constant. The major reason behind the continued tolerance of domestic violence by the victims is the children.

The children. The children. The children.

The victims claim they endure domestic violence because of their children and just about everyone I discussed this with thinks so too. I understand that too. I understand the children are vulnerable. No sane mother would leave her children without a mother’s love and care, yea.

My problem with that point of view is this? What will happen to those kids if the spouse beats her to death? I mean, some victims of domestic violence have been known to lose their lives to the abusers. This brings me to the other factors behind women staying on in abusive relationships.

Why do domestic violence victims stay on?

It has always baffled me that many women endure abusive relationships for too long. Some stay on till he kills them. You’d think the victims would want to stay away from a toxic relationship that holds the possibility of leading to their death.

But no, especially here in Nigeria, victims of domestic violence hardly leave the abuser. Here is what I discovered and deduced:


No matter which part of Nigeria the issue comes up in, many people, especially women will tell you that nothing is worth leaving your ‘husband’s house’ for. Most of them argue that the women usually ask for it by being disobedient, rude, violent or nagging. Seriously? My immediate response to that would always be, ‘who gets to beat and punish the man when he errs? And the response often goes like, ‘He is the MAN’.

Some parents will threaten to disown the victim, or not allow her stay under their roof when she comes back beaten and broken. ‘When your injuries heal, you must pack yourself off to your husband’s house. What will people say if you run away from your husband’s house? Marriage is for better for worse!


Victims of domestic violence often battle with all manner of fear. They are scared of venturing out on their own, of living without the man, scared of what society will say, scared of what the abuser will do, and worse of all, scared of what will happen to their children (if any). Faced with so many challenges, she endures the abuse, surrenders to the abuser. We know how crippling fear can be, including fear of the unknown.


Here, society is the bane of the victims again. Society has ingrained that belief in most of us that a woman is incomplete without a husband, that a woman’s worth is determined by a husband. Even if you don’t believe it anymore, most people around you believe it and treat you accordingly and proffer unsolicited advice.

The second belief is that ‘he will change’ so they stay in the relationship praying and fasting that the abuser will change. An unknown author once said, ‘You cannot change the people around you but you can change the people you choose to be around’.


Financial, psychological and physical poverty are among the major factors behind victims of domestic violence staying on in abusive relationships. When a woman cannot fend for herself and her kids, she becomes dependent. With that comes the mindset of inability to survive alone. She believes she needs the abuser to survive. This goes beyond financial incapability. If the abuser and society has brainwashed her into believing she is not strong enough to stand alone, that she is weak and spineless, then she is not empowered to make a positive move. She is dependent and therefore would rather die in the abusive relationship than leave.

How do we improve this situation individually? How do we make the world a safer place for everyone, including women and children?


This is a horrible real life story of how the #NigerianPolice allegedly tortured a motor mechanic to death in Port Harcourt, Rivers state, Nigeria.


Orange the World: Generation Equality Stands Against Rape’ is the theme of this year’s UN 16 Days of Activism on ending Violence AgaiChildnst Women. This year, the focus is on rape, so we are going to discuss rape.

Thankfully, the social media has helped to reduce the secrecy enshrouding rape. Now, sexual predators in high places are being called out on social media, from lecturers to ‘men of God’. But where does that leave us? The incidents of sexual violence seem to be rising at an alarming rate in Nigeria.

Why is rape becoming pandemic in Nigeria?
According to Women At Risk International Foundation (WARIF), 10,000 girls are sexually assaulted/raped daily in Nigeria. Alarming right? Indeed, this is one of the issues that arise whenever rape discussions come up. Some folks still refuse to acknowledge that rape is becoming pandemic; some think they are just tales concocted by attention-seeking women. They would rather live in denial, claiming not to have met any rape victim. How do you enlist such a person to join the fight against rape?

One of the major reasons behind the increasing number of rape cases is the lack of decisive legal actions and punitive measures against rapists. How do you explain the fact that there has only been less that 20 recorded cases of rape convictions in Nigeria? The law and its enforcement agents do not make it easy to prosecute and convict sex offenders. The definition of rape under the law is limiting, encourages marital rape, and what about the burden of proof, the evidence and victim’s sexual history that are required, the requirement of the? On top of that, the victim is supposed to provide corroboration. As if rapists come out on the open streets to rape their victims.

Other common issues like stigmatization, victim blaming, and rejection empower rapists and aid in the perpetuation of sexual violence. According to NOIPOLLS, there has been 25% decrease in the number of rape victims that reported the case to the Nigerian police. More and more rape victims bear the pains and shame of the incident alone for fear of how society will treat them. You would be surprised at the reaction of some people to rape victims.

Rape is wielded as a weapon of power and even discipline. The recent rape scandal of sex for grades in our universities, the raping of prisoners, workers are all means for the rapists to show the victim that they have absolute power over them. Child marriage is a form of rape too even though Nigerian law does not recognize marital rape. When a 50 year old marries a 12 year old and goes ahead to have sex with her, he is continually raping the poor child. He has power over her and goes on to flaunt it.

Trafficking in persons encourages rape of its victims just as kidnapping does.
Some perfect individuals still trivialize rape. But while at it, remember it could happen to anyone. Maybe when it happens to your daughter, sister or mother, then you would take it serious. The fact remains that most rape cases are not reported.

Some rape victims are not able to share their agony even with their closest friends and family members. You cannot know how a person will react to your tale of being raped till you tell them. It is not about how learned the person is or how close he/she is to the victim, when push comes to shove, how will they react?

To tackle the menace of rape, we need to understand or at least empathize and sympathize with the victims. Understand that rape is the fault of the rapist and nobody else. It is not the fault of the dressing nor that of alcohol.

The issue is how to end the culture of rape by trampling on the system that encourages and supports it.

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